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Grid Solutions

J.C. Electric hooks you up.

A grid-direct installation is the most simple and efficient way to produce power to offset your electric bill. Solar panels can be mounted on your home, business, garage, pole or ground mount structure. The power that is produced travels through an inverter to your home or business with any excess going to the utility company as it turns your meter backwards.

Off-grid can be the most challenging while being the most fun of the systems to install because it allows us to help you enjoy some of the most beautiful places. The solar array is used to charge a small to very large battery bank. Battery banks are sized to the customer’s power demands. Battery banks can then be used to supply DC loads or an inverter, which powers any 120/240 AC, loads. Off-grid applications can range from a small camping trailer, large cabin or permanent residence.  With an Off-Grid solution you can safely relax knowing that your system will remain strong and independent despite any on outages from your power company.